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Greetings cards displayed on slatwall
Oh, the joy of finding a product that does want you want and is budget worthy! Every retailer is short of display space so this is where slatwall comes in. Slatwall or in this case, Groovewall can be used and is easily fixed; no shop dreaded refit required.
Apart from the general display of stock required in the normal day in the life of a retailer, the most often used 'add on' products are cards ie. postcards & greetings cards. For a relatively small investment these tempting items of merchandise can become impulse purchases thus improving profits. The key is though, customers need to have them brought to their attention. They won't find and buy them if they're languishing in a dusty box even if it is near the till. What's needed in this circumstance is a panel or two of Groovewall. There is no doubt that by making displays enticing sales will follow.
As a really cheap start you can purchase one panel of 31cms x 200cms Groovewall to fill the gap in those potential display areas you weren't able to use before. Under stairs, in alcoves, on the backs of doors, you can fix it for yourself by simply screwing the slatwall display panel and make those impulse purchase live up to their name. This surprisingly strong slatwall panel is made from pvc which is clean, neat, practical and holds a huge range of displays in its slots spaced at 7.5cms. The critical point here is that they are elevated not laying flat, see how visible the Noel Tatt cards have become in the slatwall five tier card rack. Either yourself or your staff will find it so easy to change the card displays around thus creating interest and sales.
Amongst the many slatwall displays that can be purchased to fit in the slots here's some as ideas; card displays or greeting card displays come in many permutations but to keep cost down start with a single card rack display and when you discover how well slatwall displays work and how easy it is to install you can add tiered versions some of which by the way work well as freestanding displays should you be lucky enough to have space and go right up to a 7 tier display rack!
Jewellery displayed on slatwall
Most shops have a space problem, there can be very few where retail display is an open chequebook. To solve this problem there is Groovewall. Cheap and easy to install, it's the slatwall display system that can be purchased by a single 31cms x 200cms panel or packs of panels, it's that easy! Although slatwall display has been around quite a few years, in the past it has been heavy to manhandle as well as heavy on the budget.
Slatwall panels come with slots in which to slide a vast array of slatwall accessories. In that respect Groovewall is the same, however it's cheaper. Made from pvc, it's tough, strong and you can fix it yourself. Ideal for every product and especially good for jewellery displays. Imagine your customer walking into your shop and something catches their eye that interests them. They end up making a purchase they didn't know they wanted because you've had the good sense to display it at eye level in a slatwall jewellery display. You can see how this one with the Rodney Holman bangles fits into the slatwall slots.
Groovewall panels have so many brilliant features for retail display but the jewels in the crown are that it is light,easily fixed, neat, economic and versatile.
Poster displayed on slatwall
What do shops, art galleries, museums, emporiums, estate agents, department stores, libraries, market stalls, travel agents have in common? Don't know? Give up?
Then you need display signage! Any business needs sign display. Whether in a retail environment or office and factory, poster holders and sign holders are a necessity. Where to put them though?
Hanging sign holders are available but usually it's the walls that are favourite. Quite often there's more than one item of information so here's where slatwall display comes in. Slatwall display panels have lots of grooves (hence in this case Groovewall) in which to slide your slatwall accessories be they slatwall sign holders, slatwall price holders (oh, so neat and discreet!) or like the illustration, Artangel uses slatwall poster holders.
The slatted panels of Groovewall are light and easy to install yourself and are a cheap alternative to traditional MDF as you can start with a single 31cms x 200cms panel. They are robust too,for example it will happily cope with slatwall leaflet holders in busy locations. Point yourself in the direction of Groovewall!
Acrylic display case displayed on slatwall
When one thinks of important and desirable objects, the next thought is usually security. In a retail environment the idea is to create a display that is interesting and enticing but in a good way; interesting and enticing but safe and secure. Slatwall display cases are a perfect way to overcome the over interested.
Slatwall display is a great concept but not if you've got to refit your outlet. Groovewall slatwall panels are lighter both in terms of weight and budget than the earlier style of MDF panels. You can buy a single starter panel of Groovewall measuring 31cms x 200cms, it's an easy one man job to fix it to your wall.
Made from tough pvc the panels are strong enough to take slatwall display cabinets and because the slatwall accessories available include slatwall brackets which are designed to be fixed inside the slatwall display cabinet, it can't be lifted off the wall easily. Unless of course, you now how and that's why slatwall displays are important and desirable to you, you can buy one and add more, they're safe and secure and you can remove them and change them round to keep your merchandise display interesting and enticing.