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1) Is there as much demand for slatwall today as there was 10 years ago?
Definitely. In the life before slatwall there was pegboard, which was by comparison ugly & ungainly. The concept of slatwall was a neat innovation that has yet to be superseded. Our sales trend for display products that fit into slatted panels has continued upwards, proving its unwaining popularity. It's only disadvantage to some smaller retailers was the need for professional fitting. However, such is our awareness of the usefulness of this type of product presentation that we have introduced Groovewall to our product range which is a lighter more convenient type of slatwall that can be put in place by anyone.
2) What benefits does slatwall have over other merchandising systems?
Any display product that benefits the retailer in terms of sales will be a winner. The slatted panel system of display does just that; it's neat, streamlined and there are hundreds of display products that fit into it, showing merchandise to its full advantage. Making merchandise look desirable to the consumer and making light work of changing the displays around to keep the look fresh and interesting is good for sales. Now, with the addition of Groovewall to our range, retailers have the extra benefit not only of a lighter easier panel to fit but can utilise spaces that might previously have been considered unusable.
3) Are you able to give details on the orders you're currently working on?
We are constantly manufacturing to replenish our stock of acrylic display products for slatted panels. Despatching displays for slatted panels is a continual process and has been for more years than some of us care to remember! Now, with the addition of our lighter, easier to manage Groovewall slatted panels we are expecting that trend to increase.
4) Which retailer sectors particularly benefit from slatwall systems?
Where does the majority of your business come from? There isn't a retail sector that wouldn't benefit! Retailers have walls, don't they?! Seriously, where there is little space but a big need for good visual presentation there will be a demand for slatted panels.
5) Are your products environmentally friendly?
Well I guess they're are not entirely sustainable but if you take the Groovewall slatted panel as an example it does not contain CFCs, or cadmium, which are considered harmful to the environment. It has a very long life span and when eventually replaced, can be easily identified within the waste stream and recycled. PVC is also weather resistant, and thermally efficient. So, that's not too bad for a product that can increase your sales!
6) What does the future hold for slatwall in retail?
We believe Groovewall is the future of slatwall!!!