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Garage storage using slatwall panels
Most people's garages are untidy. Let's face it, as a rule, they're untidy and dirty. That can be changed easily. Install a few slatwall display panels on your walls or try one to start with if you're not convinced. Slot in some slatwall display accessories such as slatwall dump bins, slatwall trays and shelves on slatwall brackets. You could even hang your deck or garden chairs on those brackets! Then you can move your slatwall containers around to suit your method of working or storing; kid's stuff lower down, your own higher up.
Garage storage doesn't get much more efficient than this. Groovewall is strong and durable, moisture resistant and won't rot. Put up a panel and pack those parts!


Playroom storage using slatwall panels
Has your home shrunk? If it is being overwhelmed by the invasion of kid's toys or maybe you want to keep cleaning products within your reach not your childrens you may need a slatwall panel. Ok, it's essentially a display product but there are no rules governing what's useful or where to apply it.
Groovewall is a slatwall display panel which is light and easy to fix in place. Slide in some slatwall accessories such as acrylic display bins as a repository for those untidy bits and pieces. DIY ingenuity makes home storage; as a slatwall display panel it is easy to cut saw and screw, the same applies in the home. It's ideal for the bathroom, children's playroom storage, anywhere in fact. Maybe you don't need that extension after all!