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A stand at the Spring fair using slatwall panels


Anyone who has exhibited at a trade fair knows the sheer hard work they entail. It's not the talking to customers, that's the good bit. It's the battle that commences once you've run the gauntlet of the setup parking. Then comes the graft, getting all your exhibition displays and stand merchandise into the hall and set up within the confines of your allotted stand.
A slatwall display system is the ultimate stand display. It uses the walls and leaves the floor space free for customers; no-one wants to deter them. This means the products you are wishing to promote are clearly visible to your buyers. There was a time when in order to achieve this goal it was necessary to hire specialist contractors to build your slatwall exhibition stand. Now you can accept the normal stand build eg octonorm and take your slatwall panels and slatwall accessories with you.
Groovewall panels are so light and easy to fix it means that all the hard work is taken out of it. You can even try a small area first with the purchase of a single 31cms x 200cms slatwall panel. Once this portable slatwall display demonstrates it's power to make light work of trade fairs you can invest in covering the walls! The image shows 3D Displays who use Groovewall panels on all their walls at the Birmingham Spring Fair & Autumn Fair as well as Home & Gift in Harrogate. In using this slatwall display method your stand staff will be showing off your product rather than exhibiting their tiredness!


Exhibition slatwall panel free standing
In spite of the desire to keep floors clear, we know there is always an exception to the rule. Under these circumstances the ideal is still to keep the product in front of your buyers. For exhibition displays a free standing slatwall display is a good solution. Flat pack displays come into their own at trade fairs and Groovewall is particularly good as it is so light. Easy to pack, transport, unpack and setup the benefits don't stop there.
It's all very well for the larger companies who have their stands built but the smaller or indeed new exhibitor has a particular need. Portable slatwall displays and slatwall accessories show your merchandise in a limited space which is vital; you have only seconds to entice buyers to your stand as they pass. If your product is laying flat they won't see it. This is why 3D Displays are using one at the Spring Fair, Autumn Fair and Home & Gift at Harrogate.
What goes up must come down, portable slatwall panels like Groovewall are not only easy to set up but to dismantle. Which makes it more likely your stand will have the breakdown at end of the trade fair rather than you or your staff.