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The new light DIY alternative to heavy 8' x 4' MDF boards!

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So, you've heard people talking knowledgeably about slatwall and slatted panels but are not entirely sure what they are are and more particularly whether you really need to know about them? Maybe you've read magazines which include features about shopfitting including slatwall display aimed at retailers but you wonder whether it's you they're talking to? Perhaps you are already familiar with the concept of slatwall panels but think they come at a high price and involve a complete shop refit? However, the biggest question is...could you be you missing out?
Back in the dark ages of shopfitting it is true slatwall ie. slatted panels, were huge; 8' x 4' MDF panels which were so heavy they did indeed have to be professionally fitted which of course came at a high price and a certain amount of disruption. More often than not it involved a complete shop refit. These slatted panels came to be known as slatwall because they had slats or grooves cut across them at 10cm intervals giving the retailer slots in which to hang slatwall accessories so merchandise could be displayed at an advantage. Brilliant idea but a bit offputting to the smaller retailer or exhibitor.
Evolution has moved on and now there is Groovewall. Groovewall is the ultimate solution for everyone. It is essentially a slatwall panel that has so many uses and yet is so different it's here to stay.
Groovewall is the same as slatwall in as much as it has slots (though at 7.5cms not the earlier 10cms giving more slats enabling more product to be displayed) in which to slide your slatwall display accessories but there are important differences.
For a start it is so much lighter than the traditional slatted panel that your premises won't need a refit. It can be put in place by one person with a screwdriver.
It can be used as a single 31cms x200cms panel filling those odd spaces on your walls just asking to be used (above doors, under stairs, in alcoves) but then you didn't have the answer. The fact that you can start with a single panel makes it a cheap alternative to traditional slatwall. The pvc Groovewall panel though surprisingly strong and durable, are easily cut, sawn and fixed.
Once you discover how useful slatwall panels are you can do as much as you want. A whole wall- a whole shop? - filled with slatwall accessories showing off your retail merchandise. Why not? Slatwall is so versatile you can move around your slatwall displays to achieve maximum profit.
Good design develops off-shoots and much like an evolving species, Groovewall slatwall is no exception. Perfect for temporary traders; a slatwall panel is ideal if you have a 'barrow' site in shopping mall or a market stall where using height rather than width is preferable in these restricted spaces. Placing your merchandise on eye level will attract customers. Exhibitors at trade and craft fairs also need to maximise display space so exhibition slatwall is another example of being fit for purpose; add a single wall panel or cover all your stand walls. It will free your floor space (more room for customers!) and give so many opportunities with slatwall display for greater exposure of your products.
Slatwall panels in the home may puzzle anthropologists in the future but houses are more efficient kept free of clutter, use slatwall panels with display accessories as storage in the home especially in the garage and childrens' rooms; it's the perfect solution. We may have moved on in evolutionary terms but we still love our caves.
Extract from an article about Groovewall slatwall